About The Schroder Charity – Runnymede


The Schroder Charity – Runnymede was originally formed in 1909 when Baron Sir John Henry William Schroder gave a piece of land for an isolation hospital for the parishioners of Old Windsor, Egham and Englefield Green. The old Northcroft Hospital was built on the land and for many years it cared for people from the three parishes when they were suffering from contagious diseases such as diphtheria, smallpox and scarlet fever.


When isolation hospitals were no longer considered necessary, the NHS used the building in various ways until it finally became redundant. In the1970s, the site was sold to the James Butcher Housing Association. In the spirit of Baron Schroder’s original gift to the three parishes, it was decided that the proceeds of the sale should be used to benefit residents of Old Windsor, Egham, and Englefield Green when there were specific health needs. With this aim, in accordance with the Charity Commission rules, the Schroder Charity was re-structured in 1976.



A committee of 7 Trustees oversee the running of the Trust. Two trustees are nominated by the Local Health Authority and the remainder are co-opted to serve for terms of five years. The Trustees meet three times a year, in March, June and November to discuss applications for funding. Between meetings, the Chairman, in consultation with one other trustee, is authorised to approve small emergency grants.



The Trustees aim to distribute the income from investments annually. Since 2015, grants totalling between £20,000 and £45,000 have been awarded each year and we continue to aim to award approximately £30,000 a year.



Grants are made to individuals or local organisations for applications that meet the following criteria:

  • For health and welfare needs that cannot be met through the statutory agencies
  • Individual applicants must be resident in or organisations be serving the population of Egham, Englefield Green and Old Windsor.
  • Grants are mainly awarded for capital expenditure. They are not available to supplement income but may be used to meet some costs arising from ill health.
  • Only one grant will normally be made to an organisation or individual per calendar year.